Next Generation of Airbus’ all-new wide-body airliner takes shape

The -1,000 test wing in the A350 factory

The -1,000 test wing in the A350 factory

The wings for the first Airbus A350-1000 have begun the process of assembly at Broughton, North Wales. The high-performance wings of the A350 XWB make the aircraft faster, more efficient and quieter.



Environmental impact is a major consideration at Airbus, factoring into decisions made at the highest levels – including long-term planning by the company’s management team – down to day-to-day operations at its production, customer support and other facilities located around the world.


Airbus’ long list of environment-related achievements has been driven by innovation and collaboration across the industry, from the fly-by-wire concept to the new-generation A350 XWB jetliner. Now more than ever, these methods are providing solutions to meet today’s environmental challenges, as well as the ambitious targets Airbus has set for tomorrow.

借助技术创新和行业内的广泛协作,空客从线传飞控系统构思到新一代的A350 XWB客机建造在减少对环境影响方面取得了一些列的成功。借助这些技术,空客比以往任何时代都为现今人类对抗环境挑战和空客对未来设定远大目标提供更多解决方案。

Bandeau signatur(07-01-09-55-11)Airbus will continue to take environmental impact is a major consideration. It is also committed to sustainable practices and support Belong Forum China. Long press the QR code and register for Belong Forum China. See you in Beijing!

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