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The can’t-miss event of change-makers that lives in you! 2 days of great learning and discoveries.
WeBelong is a two-day event that creates the ideal condition for the audience to be connected to impactful solutions, innovations and to communities.

Why Attend?

A great opportunity to...

+ Gain perspective on the main trends from China and abroad & to identify your company’s blind spots

+ Learn more on sustainable business transformations (corporations,SMEs, starts-up) and on their mid and long-term vision

+ Explore win-win strategies on how to connect brands with customer & lead the way to tomorrow’s markets

+ Discover the most innovative actions & sustainable business practice progress, how they can be scaled and replicated

+ Connect and network with other top speakers (from China & abroad) committed to the emergence of tomorrow’s brands

More than 50 speakers, CEOs, social entrepreneurs, heads of NGOs, academics, and artists share their commitment to a more prosperous and responsible society

2018 Speakers

Join some of the brightest minds in the new era of disruptive sustainability

Discover inspiring pioneers that joined us in October 2018

  • Ada Kong
    Ada Kong
    Head of Toxics Campaign in Greenpeace East Asia
  • Angela S. Yu
    Angela S. Yu
    Executive Director of Institute for Postmodern Development of China
  • Anna Guo
    Anna Guo
    Founder of Smart Air Filters (Beijing) Technology Company
  • Antoine Bunel
    Antoine Bunel
    Ambassador for western cooking and sustainable lifestyle
  • Carrie Yu
    Carrie Yu
    Co-Founder of THE BULK HOUSE, China’s 1st zero waste social enterprise
  • Cassie Kang
    Cassie Kang
    Mindfulness & Wellness Coach Founder of Sunbeam Mindfulness
  • Chang Tianle
    Chang Tianle
    Organizer of Beijing Farmers’ Market, co-founder of Heyi Green Foundation & founding editor of Foodthink
  • Clotilde Pallier
    Clotilde Pallier
    Social auditor & co-partner of Feiy
  • Danma Niu
    Danma Niu
    Social Worker/Social Entrepreneur
  • Dr. Mao Da
    Dr. Mao Da
    Academic director & Policy Advisor of China Zero Waste Alliance.
  • Ella Zhang
    Ella Zhang
    Founder of The Institute of Growing Capacity Pty Ltd
  • Eric Lau
    Eric Lau
  • François-Ghislain Morillion
    François-Ghislain Morillion
    Co-founder of VEJA
  • Hanna Hallin
    Hanna Hallin
    Sustainability Manager for H&M Sales Market Greater China
  • Hans Galliker
    Hans Galliker
  • Hazel Zhang
    Hazel Zhang
    Founder and CEO of VegPlanet
  • Jean-Pierre Goux
    Jean-Pierre Goux
    General Manager of PowerNext & Founder of the Blueturn Project
  • Joe Harvey
    Joe Harvey
    All-rounder at The Bulk House
  • Kemin Zhang
    Kemin Zhang
    Musician / Magician / Performer
  • Laure Lemarquis
    Laure Lemarquis
    Sustainability Director of L’Oreal China
  • Laurent Boillot
    Laurent Boillot
  • Leandro Rolon
    Leandro Rolon
    Co-founder and CEO of The 3D Food Company.
  • Lisa Christensen
    Lisa Christensen
    Founder & CEO of Refined Travellers, Ecozine and The Cleanup Challenge
  • Lise Honsinger
    Lise Honsinger
    CFO of Skipping Rocks Lab
  • Mei May
    Mei May
    Founder & Executive Director of GoalBlue Low Carbon Development Center
  • Miao Shiming
    Miao Shiming
    Founder of World of Art Brut Culture CKGSB alumni
  • Miao Wang
    Miao Wang
    Founder of Better Blue,Representative of Project AWARE
  • Minguo Li Margraf
    Minguo Li Margraf
    Founder of the “TianZi Biodiversity & Development Centre”
  • Natalie Bennett
    Natalie Bennett
    Founder of Live With Less
  • Nathalie BASTIANELLI
    Nathalie BASTIANELLI
    Founder & CEO of WeBelong Foundation
  • Niko de La Faye
    Niko de La Faye
    Visual artist
  • Sandra Rey
    Sandra Rey
    Founder & CEO de Glowee
  • Steve Blake
    Steve Blake
    Chief Representative at WildAid
  • Tristan Macquet
    Tristan Macquet
    Co-founder of Nurseries for Nurseries (N4N)
  • Vicky Jiang
    Vicky Jiang
    Vice President of Chincell- Town Honey
  • Vivien Ji
    Vivien Ji
    Founder of Lifeblooms
  • Xenia Sidorenko
    Xenia Sidorenko
    Founder of UseDem
  • Xin Yu
    Xin Yu
    Programme Manager, Markets ,WWF China
  • Yan Ming
    Yan Ming
    Chairman of Xi’an Lucky King Co. Ltd, Member of the 13th CPPCC, Council Member of the Alxa Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology CKGSB alumni
  • Yuan ZOU
    Yuan ZOU
    CEO of VDC Digital Luxury
  • Zhou Wei
    Zhou Wei
    Oceans Campaigner from Greenpeace East Asia
  • ZHU Rui (Juliet)
    ZHU Rui (Juliet)
    Professor of Marketing, Co-director of the Branding Center and Associate Dean for EMBA Programs at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)

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They joined us during the previous editions

  • Alessandro De Toni
    Alessandro De Toni
    Independent trends researcher
    Co-founder, Nurseries for Nurseries
  • Amanda ZHENG
    Amanda ZHENG
    Director of Transist Impact Labs
  • Bas van ABEL
    Bas van ABEL
    Founder and CEO of Fairphone
  • Brian LIU
    Brian LIU
    Sustainability Director of IKEA
  • Catherine BERTHILLIER
    Catherine BERTHILLIER
    Founder of Shamengo Senior journalist
  • Christina DEAN
    Christina DEAN
    Founder & CEO of Redress
  • Christophe CASES
    Christophe CASES
    CEO Greater China and Deputy Global Managing Director, Havas Media Group (France)
  • Christophe de CHARENTENAY
    Christophe de CHARENTENAY
    Managing Director of Renault (Bejing) Automotive Co. Ltd & VP of Renault China
  • Cunsong XIA
    Cunsong XIA
    Deputy Secretary General of Youthink
  • Dorothy MEI
    Dorothy MEI
    Executive Director of China Youth Climate Action Network
  • Duan Yanpei
    Duan Yanpei
    Program Manager of the Environment Protection Fund
  • Edith CORON
    Edith CORON
    Founder and Managing Director, EOC Intercultural
  • Erin MEEZAN
    Erin MEEZAN
    Vice President of Sustainability, Interface
  • Fangyi YANG
    Fangyi YANG
    Program Manager of Alibaba Foundation (China)
  • Fred YOUNG
    Fred YOUNG
    Founder of Rainbow of Hope
  • Guibert Del MARMOL
    Guibert Del MARMOL
    Consultant – Author
  • Guo PEI
    Guo PEI
    Haute-couture Designer, Rose Studio
  • Haiyan SUN
    Haiyan SUN
    Chief Editor of Business Ecology Magazine
  • Hans Galliker
    Hans Galliker
  • Hubert BEAUMONT
    Hubert BEAUMONT
    Engineering Director at AZURE International
  • Irene LU
    Irene LU
    Founder of Pillowbook
  • Isabelle XIA
    Isabelle XIA
    General Manager of Plume Labs China
  • Janson Cheng
    Janson Cheng
    Designer and ecosystem builder for social goods
  • Jeffrey CHEN
    Jeffrey CHEN
    Chief Architect & Strategy Officer of Taiwan Lung Meng Technology, Co. Ltd
  • Jen LOONG
    Jen LOONG
    China brand marketing for TOMS
  • Jeni SAEYANG
    Jeni SAEYANG
    CEO of Eco & More
  • Jérémy FAIN
    Jérémy FAIN
    Director of the Board, Verteego
  • Jérôme BEILIN
    Jérôme BEILIN
    Business Development Manager of EcoAct
  • Jing GUO
    Jing GUO
    General Manager of International Department, Galaxy Group
  • John Pabon
    John Pabon
    Founder & Chief Storyteller of Fulcrum Sustainability Consulting
  • Karolina HOROSZCZAK
    Karolina HOROSZCZAK
    Head of Corporate Communications of IKEA
  • Kenny CHOI
    Kenny CHOI
    Founder & CEO, Yi-Gather & Bottledream
  • Kim YESHI
    Kim YESHI
    Strategist & Creative Director of Norlha
  • Kong Ning
    Kong Ning
  • Kunkun Duan (Dolma)
    Kunkun Duan (Dolma)
    Co-founder and Vice President of Himalaya Happy Mandala Group and President of Academy of Himalayan Art and Children Development
  • Laurence BRAHM
    Laurence BRAHM
    International lawyer – Political-economist – Social entrepreneur
  • Li LI
    Li LI
    Doctor of Economic Sciences – CSR expert
  • Liu Xue Song
    Liu Xue Song
    Executive Vice President of Incon Recycle, Ltd
  • Louis-Albert de BROGLIE
    Louis-Albert de BROGLIE
    French Gardener Prince
  • Luhui YAN
    Luhui YAN
    Founder & CEO of Carbonstop
  • Ma JUN
    Ma JUN
    Founder and director, IPE
    Managing Editor of China Dialogue
  • Mathilda HO
    Mathilda HO
    Founder and Managing Director of Bits x Bites & Founder and CEO of YIMISHIJI
  • Mei ZHANG
    Mei ZHANG
    Club Med Greater China Sustainable development Coordinator
  • Misha Maynerick Blaise
    Misha Maynerick Blaise
    Artist and Writer
  • Nathalie BASTIANELLI
    Nathalie BASTIANELLI
    Founder & CEO of WeBelong Foundation
  • Nie Li
    Nie Li
    Detox Campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia
  • Nissa MARION
    Nissa MARION
    Co-Founder of Ecozine & Co-Founder of Hong Kong Cleanup
  • Nitin DANI
    Nitin DANI
    Founder & Director, Green Initiatives & Project Director, GIGA
  • Pascal BRUN
    Pascal BRUN
    Head of Sustainability of Global Production of H&M
  • Patrick RILEY
    Patrick RILEY
    Senior Vice President China of Interface
  • Pauline SOUDY
    Pauline SOUDY
    Co-founder of Feiy
  • Philippe VASSEUR
    Philippe VASSEUR
    President of the World Forum Lille
  • Qian Wu
    Qian Wu
    Senior Manager in PwC Management Consulting
  • Richard BRUBAKER
    Richard BRUBAKER
    Managing Director of Collective Responsibility and Visiting Professor of Sustainability
  • Rui (Juliet) ZHU
    Rui (Juliet) ZHU
    Associate Dean for Asia and Alumni Affairs, CKGSB
  • Sanjit (Bunker) Roy
    Sanjit (Bunker) Roy
    Activist, ecologist and founder of Barefoot College
  • Shi Yan
    Shi Yan
    Executive director of Shared Harvest (Beijing) Farm
  • Stephane RIOT
    Stephane RIOT
    Founder of NoveTerra
  • Tao GU
    Tao GU
    Sustainability Head of Danone Greater China Cluster
  • Thierry JACQUET
    Thierry JACQUET
    President of Phytorestore
  • Valerie Hsu
    Valerie Hsu
    Business development manager at TerraCycle China
  • Veronica Yow
    Veronica Yow
    Manager in the Sustainable Markets and Finance team at Rare.
  • Wen Fang
    Wen Fang
  • Yanki LEE
    Yanki LEE
    Founding Director of EXHIBIT
  • Yihe MA
    Yihe MA
    President of Yingchuang Building Technique Co. Ltd

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