World’s First 3D Printed Office Building is built by a Chinese Company


An ambitious UAE plan to build the first fully functional 3D printed office building in the world has been announced in Dubai. It is being promoted as both cost effective and time saving.

迪拜对外宣布,为适应城市的高速发展,缩短建筑时间并降低成本,将建造世界上首座 3D打印的办公楼。

Mohamed Al Gergawi, the United Arab Emirates Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Chairman of the National Innovation Committee, said that Dubai plans to 3D-print a one-story “office building” of about 2,000 square feet (185 square meters) in size, Reuters reported.

阿联酋内阁事务部部长 Mohamed Al Gergawi 表示:迪拜的单层建筑模型占地 2000平方英尺(约 185平方米),将使用 20英尺(约为 6.1米)高的打印机逐层打印,之后几周内进行现场安装。内部家具和结构构件也将使用 3D打印机打印,材料为钢筋混凝土、用玻璃纤维加固的石膏,以及塑料。


The building will be built by a Chinese company, Yingchuang Building Technique (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, which is pioneer in 3D building. Its entire interior will also be 3D printed. The technology will cut labor costs by 50-80 percent, and construction time by 50-70 percent, according to expert estimates.

此项目由迪拜和盈创建筑科技(上海)有限公司合作,后者开创性地将 3D打印机用于房屋建造。Mohamed Al Gergawi 说:据研究表明,此设备可以节省 50~70%的建造时间,还能减少 50~80%的劳工成本。


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