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French Gardener Prince joins Belong Forum

Belong Forum 2016 welcomes French Gardener Prince Louis Albert de Broglie as guest speaker.

Sustainable Uniforms for China at Rio Olympics

New collaboration for the Chinese Rio 2016 Olympic team using sustainable fibres made with renewable materials.

Belong Forum Welcomes H&M as Speaker

Named the World’s Most Ethical Companies and one of Corporate Knight’s Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World, H&M is setting the conscious business benchmark for the entire apparel industry by re-designing fashion to look good and to do good.

Cutting-Edge Tech: Making Paper from Stone

Global consumption of paper is expected to double from the present level by 2030. A local Taiwanese company Lung Meng Tech has invested over $50m to create a radical way of making paper: the use of stone dust. It is water-resistant and contributes to forest preservation.

Adidas New Ultra Boost Will Save the Ocean (会保护海洋)

Adidas just released a new Ultra Boost at the United Nations. Why is it such a big deal?

(VIDEO) What happens when visionary change-makers gather?

What happens when visionary change-makers gather? (鼓舞人心的企业聚集的时候会发生什么?)

You can now turn air into water

Austrian industrial designer, Kristof Retezár, has just designed a water bottle that can harvest moisture from air and produce clean, drinkable water in under an hour. Using condensation of humidity contained in the air, Fontus is the world’s first self-filling water bottle.

CKGSB supports Belong Forum China

We are glad to announce that CKGSB, one of the most famous non-profit business school in China created by the successful entrepreneur Li Ka-shing, becomes our partners!

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