An International Solutions-Driven Platform for Sustainable Lifestyle & Innovation

WeBelong Foundation

WeBelong Foundation showcases the future we all dream of. 

A profusion of sustainable innovations & actions is being developed from diverse disciplines that offer viable & positive answers to today’s challenges. This know-how deserves to be valued, shared, and largely spread.

At WeBelong, we empower a new generation of entrepreneurs, sustainable brands, visionary designers and innovators, and artists that shape a better & greener future. Discover our shared sustainable solutions, business models, technological innovations, and best practices from various sectors. We encourage a change of behaviour at an individual level.

Each year, WeBelong Foundation organizes cutting-edge events in China (Beijing and/or Shanghai) and in France. An opportunity to engage with a community of high level speakers, companies and start-ups from China and abroad – all dedicated to sustainable lifestyle & consumption – that generate higher value and revenue while creating resilient human and ecological ecosystems.

The speakers will inspire, motivate, and provoke you. Register and participate. 

 WeBelong Foundation is also developing an E-tool book : “Green Drop” that will propose inspiring portraits, interviews of changemakers that are making a difference NOW, and universal eco-tips on how to be actors of change.

Our Mission

Sharing, Inspiring, Acting

We help to explore and understand trends, opportunities, disruptions, and major shifts on the horizons that achieve positive change. Our approach is consumer-oriented, pragmatic, and rewarding. By gathering inspiring change-makers, we aim to spread the message that we are all actors of change!

Our Vision

Accelerate The Change

We are entering the era of consum-actors. Citizen-consumers of tomorrow will lean increasingly toward responsible & conscious consumption. They will progressively and intensively demand more sustainable products & services, especially via social networks.

A Unique & Multidimensional Approach

Creativity, Interaction, Spirituality

Change oneself could change the World.

 Beyond the traditional boundaries of sustainable development, WeBelong Foundation develops initiatives designed to create collectively inspired moments.

We indeed believe that we can consciously accompany the change, by sharing inspiring contents and initiatives, to stimulate and motivate our audience. The change of behaviour can occur once we reach a certain stage of awareness. We then become conscious of ours impact beyond ourselves, and we can consciously choose to accompany this change. May everyone take what he/she can on his or her way.

Inviting artists during our events helps to push beyond the rational, to better reach the heart.

To exist is a fact. To live is an Art

Join our vibrant community of change-makers, organizations and partners. Together we share solutions that create a better future.

Join our discussion on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, come out to our events, or participate in our event live stream from any part of the world.

Check out the best moments of the WeBelong Forum 2015 Edition in our 2-minute video



Practicing What We Preach

WeBelong ushers the event industry onto a journey towards sustainability. All our tangible commitments to be carbon neutral are shared, explained, and displayed during our event.

Join our international network of change-makers today! Every 2 weeks, discover international and Chinese innovations & News selected for you by the WeBelong Team + exclusive updates on our events