Adidas New Ultra Boost Will Save the Ocean (会保护海洋)


Adidas just released a new Ultra Boost at the United Nations. Why is it such a big deal?

Partnering with Parley for the Ocean, these Boosts are the first ever sneaker to be made completely from recycled ocean plastic and garbage. For example, the upper is made entirely of yarn and filaments harnessed from ocean waste and illegal deep sea gillnets.

According to Complex Magazine:

These Boosts are quite literally trash — in the best way possible. Partnering with Parley for the Oceans, adidas is looking to make a difference by raising awareness about the awful conditions of the oceans with a new concept Boost design.



Adidas在联合国总部发布全新Ultra Boost鞋款。这双新鞋款为什么特别呢?


According to I-Size

环保与抵制非法捕猎早已成为全球的主题,而各大品牌也纷纷投身其中,日前adidas联手公益组织Parley for the Oceans在联合国总部携手发布了最新的Ultra Boost,此次品牌鞋身的材质源于海洋中的垃圾屋和非法捕鱼网,以此向公众表示保护环境的重要性,据悉该鞋款将于2016年第一季度售卖,喜欢的朋友可以关注下啦。

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