You can now turn air into water


Austrian industrial designer, Kristof Retezár, has just designed a water bottle that can harvest moisture from air and produce clean, drinkable water in under an hour. Using condensation of humidity contained in the air, Fontus is the world’s first self-filling water bottle.

(澳大利亚工业设计师Kristof Retezár研发了一个空气集水瓶Fontus,可以从空气中提取水分,并且能够转化成能直接饮用的饮用水。据悉在气候条件都适宜的前提下,每小时可以采集0.5升干净的饮用水。)


With Fontus, Retezár hopes to provide an alternative way of collecting safe drinking water, a great solution for drought-prone regions as well as adventurers. It is reported that under certain climatic conditions, Fontus can collect up to 0.5 litres of clean drinking water per hour.

According to an article by ITHome (IT家):


While the design is not perfect, designer Retezár is currently making updates to the Fontus as he crowdfunds the project on Indiegogo.


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