We Belong ushers the event industry onto a journey towards sustainability. All our tangible commitments to be carbon neutral are shared, explained, and displayed during our event.

Compensating 100% of green-house gas emission: Eco-Act has partnered with us to make 2017 audit editions, during which we’ll analyze our energy profile and use the data collected to work towards a first-class ranking. All our emission will compensate with local projects in Beijing area.

Reducing waste: We work closely with our suppliers to integrate strategies to reduce waste and recycle goods & materials throughout our production cycle. We always prioritize reusable materials in the construction of our site and commit to recycle or donate scenographic elements to local community organizations.

Food and beverage choices: We propose low-impact (vegetarian and vegan) food for all our meals.

You wish to do your part? Tips to greening your We Belong experience

+ Donate 25 Yuan toward covering the event’s footprint when you purchase your ticket

+ Use public transport, electric car service, communal bike system or your own two feet to get onsite

+ Follow the signage: recycle your used papers, compost your compostable dishware

+ Share the love & follow We Belong lead once you get home by developing your own sustainable strategies in your personal and professional life