Who is polluting our environment?!


Overwhelmed by smog, apart from wearing masks, turning on air purifiers, what can we do? Use the Blue Map app and have a panoramic view of air condition all over China!

十面霾伏,除了戴口罩,开空气净化器,还能做什么?打开”蔚蓝地图“APP, 全国空气状况尽收眼底。

The app has several digital maps where users can check air and water quality information for their area, as well as monitor, in real time, the discharge levels of around 9000 of China’s biggest emitters. Users of the app have begun to share information about persistent violators on social media and tag in the official Weibo accounts of local environmental authorities. Some environmental authorities, such as those in Shandong, now treat these posts as “micro-reports” and investigate and require enterprises to respond with corrective actions. Look up sources of pollution around us, to see who is polluting our environment!



Blue Map app is launched by IPE (Institute of Public and Environmental Affaires) leaded by China’s importantand influential environmental activist and award-winning environmentalist MaJun. The app has so far been downloaded more than 3.1million times. We are so proud have Ma Jun as speaker in Belong Forum China with representative of Alibaba Foundation in the session called “Clean water is for all” moderated by LOHAS, magazine with great reputation in China.